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Fully-automatic block making machine

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QTY4-15 Hydraulic Block Machine

QTY4-15 is one of our company hot-selling automatic hydraulic block making machine. The hydraulic power system of this machine is very reliable and can produce a variety of bricks. The bricks produced have beautiful appearance, excellent quality, high density, more wear resistance, long life and high strength.
  • QTY4-15

  • ZCJK

  • 1 set

  • 20set / Month

  • 20Day

QTY4-15 Hydraulic Block Machine adopts a high-efficiency hydraulic system and imported high-efficiency hydraulic proportional valves. Multiple actions can be performed at the same time to improve overall production efficiency. Equipped with smart PLC touch screen and high quality electrical components from reputable suppliers. The system has simple operation, low failure rate and real-time fault diagnosis. Recipe data can be saved permanently, simplifying production processes and facilitating troubleshooting. The vibration table uses a dynamic and static table design to produce strong product density and higher quality. A 360-degree rotating material cart is optional to adapt to different product needs. The mold adopts carbon-ammonia co-infiltration treatment to extend the service life.
Please note that although the content has been rewritten, the technical features and their descriptions remain similar to the original response but have been reworded to meet low duplication requirements.

hydraulic paver block making machine

A hydraulic block machine, also known as a hydraulic brick making machine or hydraulic concrete block machine, is a type of construction machinery used to manufacture blocks, bricks, or other concrete or cement-based products. It utilizes hydraulic pressure as a primary mechanism for compacting and molding the raw materials into the desired shapes.
Zcjk block machines typically consist of a hopper or material feeding system, a mixer or agitator, a hydraulic system, and a mold or die system. The process starts with the feeding of raw materials, such as cement, sand, aggregates, and water, into the hopper. The mixer or agitator ensures thorough mixing of the materials, creating a homogeneous mixture.
Once the mixture is ready, it is transferred to the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic cylinders, valves, and pumps that generate and control hydraulic pressure. This pressure is applied to the material in the mold or die system, compacting it and shaping it into blocks or bricks with the desired dimensions and texture.
The hydraulic pressure ensures that the blocks or bricks are properly compressed, resulting in high-density and strong products. It allows for precise control over the compression force, enabling the production of consistent and uniform blocks or bricks.
Zcjk block machines offer several advantages over other types of block-making machines. The hydraulic system provides high compaction force, resulting in superior product quality and strength. It allows for the production of a wide range of block sizes, shapes, and textures. The hydraulic pressure can be easily adjusted to accommodate different material compositions and production requirements.
Furthermore, hydraulic block machines are known for their efficiency and productivity. They can produce blocks or bricks in large quantities, with automated processes that minimize manual labor. The hydraulic system ensures smooth and reliable operation, with precise control over the molding process.
Overall, hydraulic block machines are widely used in the construction industry for the production of blocks, bricks, and other concrete or cement-based products. They are favored for their durability, versatility, and ability to produce high-quality blocks or bricks efficiently.

ZCJK is a group enterprise that has been engaged in the research and development, production, sales and after-sales of brick making machines for 22 years. We have 3 factories in China, located in Beijing, Quanzhou and Wuhan. We also have our own R&D base. The group has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and CE EU certification. We have 2 invention patents and 18 utility model patents. We are famous for providing highly reliable, innovative and cost-effective paver block machinery technology. We can invent and develop world-class products with the help of automated machines.

If you have any specific requirements or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our dedicated after-sales service hotline at +86-13439309361 or send an email to, specifically for our foreign customers. We are committed to providing excellent customer support and will make every effort to address any issues or concerns you may have. Your success is of great importance to us, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you and contribute to your achievements.

Thank you for your sincere cooperation!

Technical Parameter:
Pallet size1020x550mmPallet maimum forming area970x500mm
Forming height50-200mmCycle ime15-25sec
Type of vibrason tableDynamic-static tableExcitation foroe68KN
Total power28kwTotal weight4T
Block/Brick TypeSizePieces/MouldPieces/8Hours
Standard brick240x115x53mm3057600pcs
Paving Brick200x100x60mm1623040pcs
Muliti hole brick240x115x90mm1423520pcs
Hollow block400x200x200mm46720pcs
Detail Items:
QTY4-15 brick making machine1Automatic Brick conveyor1
Automatic pallet feeder1Hydraulic unit1
PLC Control system1Belt Conveyor 1
JS500 Mixer1Free Mould1

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