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Since 2002

Our headquarters is located in Xiaogan Development Zone, Hubei Province, on Changxing 3rd Road, Xiaonan Development Zone. It has a standardized industrial park covering an area of 100,000 square meters and a standardized factory building of 40,000 square meters. The group has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification and EU CE certification. In addition, it also holds two invention patents and eighteen utility model patents. It is a high-tech enterprise, reflecting its commitment to innovation and technological progress.
Focus on the research and development of new wall materials to meet the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly building solutions. The group aims to contribute to the circular economy and promote the efficient use of materials by utilizing waste resources. Our brick making machinery and equipment are designed to increase productivity and improve the quality of brick production, providing reliable and efficient solutions to the construction industry.

Rooted in China, serving the world

Leader in sponge city construction

With the steady development of the group, in recent years the group has successively set up offices in various provinces, going deep into the first-line markets to provide customers with faster and more professional services. At the same time, the foreign market has also achieved great development, and its equipment has been exported to Libya. , Zambia, Angola, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Australia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, and has won the trust of customers at home and abroad.

Adhering to the core values of "serving global customers and making strivers happy" and taking "changing the world one brick at a time" as its mission, we strive to create the world's leading operator of sustainable brick-making solutions.

Our Products


  • Do you have an automatic brick making machine?
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    Yes, we have fully automatic brick making machines and manual brick making machines.You can choose different models according to the size of your factory.
  • How many bricks can be made per day?
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    It is determined by the type of brick making machine used and the number of hours the construction company works per day. A 1.8 ton machine of mine can produce 15,000 bricks per day and a 6.5 ton machine can produce 67,200 bricks in 8 hours. Furthermore, a 15-ton machine can produce 120,960 bricks and blocks in 8 hours.
  • What steel is the machine made of?
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    Our machines are manufactured by Shougang Group Heavy Steel, a steel brand in China famous for high quality. Have a high reputation.
  • Can different bricks be made?
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    Yes, different types of bricks can be made by changing molds.
  • Payment method?
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    T/T or L/C.

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