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Pre-sales service is the professional service we provide to customers before the equipment enters the site.

1.Assist with site planning, solve technical problems and assist with configuration consultation;

2.Help formulate machinery and equipment purchase plans suitable for customers, and provide suggestions on floor layout design plans based on the site;

3.Help with revenue analysis;

4.Provide customers with sample brick standard testing.

Pre-sale service

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In-sales services include on-time delivery, on-site installation and debugging personnel training, etc., to achieve smooth production of equipment.
1.After the technical agreement/purchase contract is signed, the company will submit a standard list of design, manufacturing, assembly, installation, etc. of the contract equipment to the customer for confirmation;
2.Appoint senior engineers to come to the site for installation and debugging;

3.Provide on-site training on operating techniques for customer staff, and provide free training to the company for mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel of user equipment;

4.According to the specific situation, recommend relevant standardized and personalized product molds or accessories to customers;

5.In the actual production process, we optimize the customer's on-site formula to achieve the best formula effect.

After-sale service

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1.Guarantee the timely supply of parts and accessories, one-year warranty, and lifetime after-sales service;

2.24-hour service commitment: In order to provide customers with better quality services and technical support, the company's service hotline is available 24 hours a day to serve customers;

3.One-machine, one-file management: The company has established separate file management of equipment for each machine, detailing and overall, and providing consistent service;

4.Frequent customer return visits: The company has developed a customer return visit system, carefully listening to each customer's suggestions and opinions, and through return visits, we understand the operation of each equipment and keep each equipment in the best condition.
If you have any specific requirements or inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact our dedicated after-sales service hotline at +86-13439309361 or send an email to henry@zcjk.com, specifically for our foreign customers. We are committed to providing excellent customer support and will make every effort to address any issues or concerns you may have. Your success is of great importance to us, and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you and contribute to your achievements.

Thank you for your sincere cooperation!

Our Products

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  • Do you have an automatic brick making machine?
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    Yes, we have fully automatic brick making machines and manual brick making machines.You can choose different models according to the size of your factory.
  • How many bricks can be made per day?
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    It is determined by the type of brick making machine used and the number of hours the construction company works per day. A 1.8 ton machine of mine can produce 15,000 bricks per day and a 6.5 ton machine can produce 67,200 bricks in 8 hours. Furthermore, a 15-ton machine can produce 120,960 bricks and blocks in 8 hours.
  • What steel is the machine made of?
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    Our machines are manufactured by Shougang Group Heavy Steel, a steel brand in China famous for high quality. Have a high reputation.
  • Can different bricks be made?
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    Yes, different types of bricks can be made by changing molds.
  • Payment method?
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    T/T or L/C.

ZCJK Block Making Machine News

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