Our Development Path


In March, Beijing Zhongcai Jianke Institute of Science and Technology for Building Materials was established and became a member of the China Building Blocks Association and the China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association.


The "Brick Machinery Industry Sustainable Development Forum" was held in Beijing in cooperation with the China Building Materials Association. Passed the registration of import and export goods by the Customs of the People's Republic of China and obtained the right to operate independently in import and export.


Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Organize and build the "Wenchuan" Customer Association to repay the society with love and actions.


Wuhan ZCJK Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. settled in Xiaogan, and the production base was put into operation. In the same year, it developed a series of construction machinery such as brick machines and sand making machines.


Passed CE EU certification, developed and manufactured mobile sand making machines and QTY12-15 cutting and forming machines.


Became a high-tech certified enterprise in Hubei Province, and at the same time established Hubei Chinese-funded Innovation and Environmental Protection Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to develop and produce sand making machine equipment.


ZCJK Intelligent Machinery Quanzhou Co., Ltd Settled in Quanzhou and established its second production base.


ZCJK Intelligent Machinery Wuhan Co., Ltd. was established, and since then the company has embarked on the road of group operation. Sinoma Construction Technology has offices in more than 20 provinces across the country, and its products are sold at home and abroad.

With you in 2024, the excitement will continue!

Our Products

  • Do you have an automatic brick making machine?
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    Yes, we have fully automatic brick making machines and manual brick making machines.You can choose different models according to the size of your factory.
  • How many bricks can be made per day?
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    It is determined by the type of brick making machine used and the number of hours the construction company works per day. A 1.8 ton machine of mine can produce 15,000 bricks per day and a 6.5 ton machine can produce 67,200 bricks in 8 hours. Furthermore, a 15-ton machine can produce 120,960 bricks and blocks in 8 hours.
  • What steel is the machine made of?
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    Our machines are manufactured by Shougang Group Heavy Steel, a steel brand in China famous for high quality. Have a high reputation.
  • Can different bricks be made?
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    Yes, different types of bricks can be made by changing molds.
  • Payment method?
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    T/T or L/C.

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