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ZCJK-The first phase of the 135th Canton Fair concluded successfully

Views: 367     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-04-22      Origin: Site

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ZCJK-The first phase of the 135th Canton Fair concluded successfully

The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) successfully concluded in Guangzhou on April 19, 2024, showcasing the pinnacle of innovation and excellence in various industries. Among many exhibitors, ZCJK has attracted widespread attention with its innovative technology and excellent products. At the forefront of their display was the debut of their newly developed cement brick machine, underscoring China's manufacturing prowess and appeal on the global stage.

Revolutionize the construction industry with ZCJK’s latest innovations

ZCJK's participation in this exhibition has achieved remarkable results, with more than 20 confirmed orders and a total turnover of more than 20 million yuan. It is worth noting that the QTY4-40A semi-automatic small brick making machine has become the best-selling product, with sales reaching an astonishing 12 units. Tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized investors, this particular machine has a simple yet robust design that is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. Low labor requirements and high production capacity make it ideal for producing standard bricks, which offer superior strength compared to traditional adobe bricks. Moreover, by changing the mold, various types of bricks and porous blocks can be produced, which is an ideal choice for laid-off workers and rural entrepreneurs to start brick-making enterprises.

Experience Excellence: Customer Engagement at Trade Shows

At the heart of ZCJK’s success lies its commitment to customer satisfaction and engagement. Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to experience and interact with the machines on display. Under the patient explanation of our team of experienced engineers and sales representatives, the customer fully understood the advantages of this machine in terms of output and price. Its suitability for cost-conscious investors in the construction industry is widely recognized, reaffirming its status as an area for small-scale brick production.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Socioeconomic Impact

In addition to technological advancements, ZCJK’s cement brick machines also have significant socioeconomic impact. By helping individuals from marginalized groups such as laid-off workers and rural residents to start their own businesses, it helps create jobs, revitalize the economy and eradicate poverty. Through convenient and efficient brick-making technology, ZCJK paves the way for inclusive growth and sustainable development, embodying the transformative potential of Chinese innovation on a global scale.

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