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Overview of ZCJK Brick And Block Making Machine

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Overview of ZCJK Brick And Block Making Machine

ZCJK is a renowned brand among Chinese brick making machine manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of brick and block making machines. These machines, including fly ash brick making machines, paving block machines, and hollow block machines, are widely used in construction projects such as parking lots, sidewalks, gardens, as well as bridge and road construction.
The primary reason for their widespread acceptance is their exceptional durability as building materials, requiring minimal maintenance, among other advantages. As the demand for bricks increases, so does the number of manufacturers. Consequently, there are numerous automatic and manual brick making machines available in the market.
Established in 2002, ZCJK has become a member unit of the China Building Block Association and the China Building Materials Machinery Industry Association. In 2008, we obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, followed by CE EU certification in 2012. With our own research and development base and team, we produce durable brick and block making machines using innovative technologies. Our main mission is to provide high-standard, cost-effective machines, along with quality service, including after-sales support, to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Let's take a closer look at some of ZCJK's brick making machines and block making machines, exploring their features and technical details.

1. Small Manual Brick and Block Making Machine

We manufacture mechanical paving block making machines with three different block production capacities: QTJ4-40, QTJ4-40A, and QTJ4-20A. These machines occupy small space, have low power consumption, are easily movable, require minimal labor, are cost-effective, and are easy to maintain. With a single operation, they can produce 26-28 standard size bricks measuring 240*115*53mm.
In addition to the main unit, we provide a control panel, a free mold, a JW350 pan mixer for mixing raw materials, and two pallet trucks for material transportation. Among them, the QTJ4-20A is equipped with a complete production line for small machines, along with a belt conveyor and brick stacking machine.

2. Hydraulic Fully Automatic Fly Ash/Concrete Brick Making Machine

We offer models with varying brick production capacities: QTY4-15, QTY4-18, and QTY6-15, capable of producing 30, 34, and 45 bricks per cycle, respectively. These machines feature vibration forces of 45kn, 60kn, and 80kn. By changing molds, they can produce bricks of different sizes and shapes. They can produce up to 86,400 standard size bricks (240*115*53mm) in 8 hours.
Equipped with electro-hydraulic integration technology and fault diagnosis function, these machines can automatically save formulas, operate conveniently, and achieve high efficiency. They boast an automatic interlocking system for excellent safety performance and are equipped with special carburizing heat treatment technology for enhanced mold durability, longevity, and strength.
Additionally, these machines come with PLC control systems, hydraulic devices, belt conveyors, manual hydraulic forklifts, automatic brick conveyors, JS500 mandatory mixers, and automatic pallet feeders. The QTY6-15 model is equipped with a double pallet stacker, allowing for higher brick stacking efficiency and output.

3. Fully Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

This machine features an intelligent interaction system and servo vibration system, providing comprehensive support to operators. Its notable feature is the use of suspended cloth technology, enabling optimized material distribution for faster and more uniform feeding. The cloth frames for face and bottom materials are mounted on a separate frame, allowing for quick replacement.
Our large-scale fully automatic brick making machines can be operated unmanned and can switch between fully automatic and semi-automatic modes. With short molding cycles, high production outputs, and precise brick sizes, they save time and labor. In addition to hydraulic equipment, the ZC series upgrades the mandatory mixer to JS750 for More suitable for mixing medium and large aggregate particle sizes and faster brick production. They also feature a three-stage batching system, eliminating concerns about material ratios.According to the different production aggregates and the gradation of different production products, according to the preset aggregate mix ratio, a high-precision three-point induction sensor is used to complete automatic weighing.
We offer four models of fully automatic hollow block making machines: QTY8-15, ZC900, ZC1000, and ZC1200. They can produce 8 to 12 blocks (400*200*200mm) per cycle, with an output ranging from 13,440 to 23,040 blocks in 8 hours.
All our brick making machines can utilize various industrial waste materials such as cement, crushed stone, sand, fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramic particles, perlite, and more as production raw materials. They can also produce bricks of different specifications and shapes by changing molds. Custom molds are supported, allowing for the creation of various designs and sizes of blocks, such as serrated, I-shaped, hexagonal, and flowerpot blocks.
Furthermore, there may be differences in production capacity, as it is also based on human labor. It is recommended that machines be operated by skilled professionals. Upon successful product ordering from ZCJK, customers are entitled to free on-site installation and commissioning services provided by professional engineers, along with training for service personnel. Periodic follow-up inspections are also conducted, and we offer lifelong after-sales service.
In conclusion, ZCJK stands out as a leading manufacturer of brick making machines, offering a wide range of high-quality and innovative products tailored to meet diverse construction needs. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we continue to lead the industry in providing reliable and efficient machinery solutions.
For inquiries about the prices of all these machines and accessories, please call +86 13439309361 or send an email to

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