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ZC1000 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine


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ZC1000 Hydraulic Fully Automatic Block Making Machine
QTY10-15 production line
        1.The main frame adopts special welding Process to make sure the machine is of good rigidity, high strength and strong stability.
        2.Steel welding material uses selected steel of high quality, 8 mm Wall thickness,and adopts the special technical process of increasing self-weight, damping and noise reduction.
        3.Raw material feeder, with mixing device inside,  can feed the materials fast. The mixing device, can roll 360 degrees, to mix the raw materials completely.
        4,Raw material feeder moves forward and backard stably at the same level, to prevent raw material leakage.
        5.With PLC control system,  it controls the whole process, to make the production line work fully-automatically and save labor.
        6, The hydraulic unit is from famous brand: Ashun, to keep the hydraulic system in good condition.
        For more information, please talk to the service team online.

Product capacity

 Standard brick  240*115*53mm   55pcs/mould
Paving Brick     200*100*60mm   35pcs/mould
Hollow brick     400*200*200mm  10pcs/mould     

shift out

 Standard brick  240*115*53mm   118000pcs/8h
Porous brick     200*100*60mm    50400pcs/8h
Hollow brick     400*200*200mm  19200pcs/8h

 Cycle time 12-22s
 weight  16T
Pallet size 1150*900mm
Pallet maximum forming area 1100*850mm

Items included for block machine

                        Item                         Quantity                         Item                         Quantity
 QTY8-15 block making machine 1  Automatic brick conveyor                 1
Automatic pallet feeder 1 Hydraulic unit  1
PLC Control system 1 Belt Conveyor 1
JS750 Mixer 1 Three-stage batching system 1
Double-Pallet Stacker 1 Manual hydraulic forklift  2

Three-stage batching system

Production site from customers
IMG_1991                      IMG_1990                                           IMG_1995       
IMG20150118162341 IMG20150123140708 IMG20150125152726
the block/brick/paver made by this fully automatic block machine,where they will be used

About ZCJK block machine
ZCJK is a brand, and a trademark.
1.ZCJK with Two factories in China, one is in Beijing, another is in Wuhan, it makes leadinf time shorter, for clients to receive the block machine sooner
2.ZCJK, has been already in the this business for more than 18 years. The block machines from ZCJK exported to over 103 countries, especially in Asia, Africa and South America.
3.ZCJK, with after-sales services team in Mozambique, India and South America, the clients can get the after-sales service in the soonest time.
4.ZCJK, has cooperated with many Foreigh Embassies in China, such as: the embassy of Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Malawi.
How to contact us
Any help needed,you can please contact us by:
Whatsapp:+86 13439309361,

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