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ZCJK 4-35 Brick Machine Has Been Loading To Vietnam

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ZCJK 4-35 Brick Machine Has Been Loading To Vietnam

ZCJK 4-35 brick machine has been loading to Vietnam, Let's see how it  was being deliveryed to customer.

ZCJK 4-35 Block Making Machine been loading to container
ZCJK machine to Vietnam 4-35(1)

Hopper, Mixer and Belt Convery of ZCJK 4-35 Brick Machine 
ZCJK machine to Vietnam 4-35(5)ZCJK QTJ4-35 Brick Machine4

ZCJK4-35 Brick Machine loading, will locked by shipping company Seal
ZCJK QTJ4-35 Brick Machine5

ZCJK 4-35 Brick Machine is On The Way To Vietnam
ZCJK QTJ4-35 Brick Machine

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