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ZCWL—B European artificial fence equipment

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  • ZCWL-B
  • ZCJK
  • Model: ZCWL—B
  • Trademark: ZCJK
  • Origin: Beijing
  • Packing: standard seaworthy package
  • Unit: set
  • Min order: one set
  • TransTime: 15-20 days after order
  • Transportation: Ocean Transport
  • Payment: T/T

ZCWL-B European artificial fence equipmet 

艺术围栏Colorful fence (10)

 Items of Investment

Items No. NAME UNIT Quantity ADD
1 ZCWL—B making machine set 1 with machine
2 ZC250 concrete mixer set 1
3 1.5m vase column mold set 1
4 0.7m vase column mold set 1
5 1.8m separation column mold set 1
6 Beam mold set 2
7 Professional painting tool set 1


★Wide Application: New generation of fence for replacement of steel fence, stainless fence and PVC fence! Can be used as enclosures in factories, enterprises, industrial zone, developing zone, villa zone, residential communities, gardens, plazas, streets and public utilities, or as rails for balconies and bridges.
ZCJK concrete fecnce (1)
★Sound Firmness and Long Durability: High strength, excellent performance in countering breaking, bending, stretching, freezing and impacting.
★Aesthetics: Fluent line, elaborate shape, fashionable style, traditional elegancy, solemn manner, integrated western art and oriental air. 
★Adorning effect: Clear visual appearance, bright color, and various selections; matching with all kinds architectural style and background area harmoniously to achieve unified sceneries.
ZCJK concrete fecnce (3)
★Green and Environmental Friendly: No rust risk, no light pollution by stainless reflecting the sunlight, no harm to human body.
★Easy Construction: Vase poles, division poles, link rods and bases; elaborately designed parts consisting one organic works; no necessity of scaffolding in construction, easy construction even at complicated terrain.
★Easy Maintenance: Acid resistance, aging resistance; once installed, free of maintenance for 10 years, No anxiety of stealing due to low cost. 
ZCJK concrete fecnce (2)

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