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ZCJK QM4-45 Mobile Block Making Machine

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  • QM4-45 Block Making Machine
  • ZCJK Block Making Machine
  • 8474802000
  • Power: 6.7KW
  • Weight: 1.2T
  • Cycle time: 45S
  • Vibration type: mould vibrating
  • Measurement: 1.78x1.38x1.68M
  ZCJK QM4-45 Mobile Block Making Machine         ZCJK QM4-15 MOBILE BLOCK MAKING MACHINE (1)

ZCJK 2 Factories in China, Beijing city & Wuhan city


Beijing Factory:

Capital city in China, found in 2002.

As Embassies in Beijing, Ambassardors visit in ZCJK Beijing factory many times.

ZCJK Beijing factory


Wuhan Factory:

Middle city in China.

84 universities here, culture center. 2rd largest Small Commodity Market in Wuhan.

ZCJK Brick machine Wuhan factory (46)


ZCJK Machine products

ZCJK found in 2002, with 16 years experience,

The machine range from small type to big capacity type, you have a variety of options in ZCJK.

To make hollow block, standard/solid brick, paver/paving brick, porous block, curbstone, tile, light weight block, etc.

Which kinds of products you plan to make? Try our ZCJK best to offer you best service.

Welcome your consult and inquiry!


ZCJK paver brick (84)


ZCJK Professional packaging & Shipping service

 when the brick making machine is ready to be shipped out, our company will package it very carefully. Also wepromise there will be no damage when the brick making machine arrive at the port.




Container loading in ZCJK Beijing Factory:


Loading_ (2)

Delivering & shipping to home and abroad:
ZCJK Block Machine on the way to customer:

ZCJK Loading container (395)

ZCJK Loading container (396)


ZCJK Block Machine loading in Container

ZCJK Loading container (313)


ZCJK Loading container (347)

Engineer Service to overseas

Engineer in Russia, Algeria, Zambia, Bangladesh

Engineer service


ZCJK Machine Factory Advantages:

1. exported machine to more than 94 countries

2. Providing the related drawings.

3. Installing locally, problem shooting, training and maintaining of equipment.

4. Training in ZCJK Beijing or Wuhan factory freely.

5. Providing the JFS technology and trainings on raw materials, save investment for customers.

6. Supplying accessories and kinds of moulds on time.

7. Providing the related achievement for free.

8. 3 overseas after-sales offices: Mozambique, India and Brazil.

9. Customized as customers requests, offering Design for customers.


Quality and warranty

A.   ISO9001 and BV and SGS and National CTC Certification

B.   We are responsible for all the repairs that caused by our quality problems within one year’s warranty.

C.   Foreign accessories are generally delivered by DHL in orde to provide service for foreign customers promptly.

D.   The foreign customers who have any questions on after-sales service can directly send email to our designated mailbox. 

E.   We will answer your questions in 12 hours and solve various problems for the customers in time.


Beijing Zhongcai Jianke Institute of Science and Technology for Buliding Materials

                          ZCJK Intelligent Machinery Wuhan CO., Ltd

Quality is the core of our company.

* SGS, BV, CE, ISO9001 certification.

* ZCJK machine been tested by National Building Materials and Mechanical Products Testing Center 


CE Certification



The Gurantee Letter for ZCJK from Economic and Commercial Counsellor's office.
ZCJK block machine


BV Certification



SGS Certification

ZCJK brick machine Certification (5)


ISO9001 Certification

ISO9001 01 20170315161553





This QM4-45 Mobile Block Making Machine is an easy operating machine.
Just by connecting power supply, you can start it to make blocks or bricks.
The QM4-45 Block Making Machine is a small sized machine, you can move it everwhere you would like. Once the block making finished, it can be taken to somewhere else to make new blocks.
block samples
hollow block

BLOCK TYPE 390X90X190 hollow block 390x150x190 hollow block 390x190x190 hollow block
CAPACITY 7 pcs/time 5 pcs/time 4 pcs/time

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