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The history of baking-free brick - concrete brick making machine

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The history of baking-free brick - concrete brick making machine

The year of 2003, baking-free brick have been put forward in the first time, by ZCJK.

People in construction industry all wish to know more about baking-free brick, which is the trend of society development.

The reason of the widely use for baking-free brick, is the 3 big difference compared with baked brick, as follow:

1. Raw materials

baking-free brick(block): Choose the construction waste, stonework waste, fly coal ash, dry slag, boiler slag, etc.

hollow blockZCJK solid brick (5)ZCJK paver brick (49)

Baked brick(red brick): Clay(earth, soil)

baked brick red brick.jpg

2. Investment

baking-free brick(block): A concrete block making machine, range from $1,200 to $85,500 according to the capacity.


Baked brick(red brick): A kiln for bake brick necessary(over $300K), a curing room, etc.

bake kiln.jpg

3. Influence for environment

baking-free brick(block): Use the waste to make the brick, eco-environment.

Baked brick(red brick): Use earth, make a sharp drop in farmland, baking will release the CO2, will exacerbate global warming, ozone hole, more and more all humans will expose in ultraviolet ray(UVA), it's no life lives under UVA. The Chinese government have issue the policy to use concrete brick replace the baked brick. Many city forbidden the usage of Baked brick.

CO2 casue the ozone hole.jpg

How to make the baking-free brick(block)?

In ZCJK Factory, you can choose different machine as your request, investment, etc, ZCJK Factory can customized as your request.

Here recommend 4 types:

             4-40 block making machine,                        4-40A block making machine, 

ZCJK BLOCK MAKING MACHINE QTJ4-40      ZCJK4-40A brick machine (1)

4-20A Hydraulic block machine, 

ZCJK4-20A brick machine (8)

9-18 Hydraulic fully automatic block making machine line.

ZCJK9-18 brick machine (1)

Let's build our life together!

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