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  • New order of ZCJK block making machine by Philiphine customer

    The phiphipine customer has made new order to our company to purchase QTY4-25 hydraulic block making machine, thanks for support

  • block machine shipped to South America

    On April 9th, ZCJK block machine company sent four sets of its small sized block machines to South America.The construction business is getting better and better all over the word. More and more people, they start to set up block factories to supply blocks, bricks and paving brick. Every month, ZCJK

  • ZCJK QTY10-15 is under installation by our enginneer

    On 24th March, the Ghana customer already finished the installation of QTY 10-15 , which is guided by our African engineer, now it already produced perfect and strong bricks made by ZCJK Block making machine.

  • QTY4-20A block machine ship to Africa

    ZCJK BLOCK MACHINE COMPANY supplies its customers with block machines, to help them to start the block making business, construcstion business or real estate.

  • QTY4-15 block machine installed in Tanzania

    ZCJK block machine company sent its African engineer to Tanzania to install a QTY4-15 block machine, this is a fully automatic block machine. The customer in Tanzania will make the 5 inches and 6 inches solid brick by this machine.

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