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QTY4-20A Hydraulic Block Making Machine

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  • QTY4-20A
  • ZCJK
  • Model: QTY4-20A block making machine
  • Trademark: ZCJK
  • Origin: Beijing
  • Packing: standard seaworthy package
  • Unit: set
  • Min order: one
  • TransTime: 25 days after order
  • Transportation: 1
  • Payment: T/T
QTY4-20A Hydraulic block making machine 
QTY4-20A produciton line   


Function: standard bricks, blocks, perforated bricks, paving bricks etc. can be produced with various molds.  This is also an interlocking brick making machine, it can make interlocking brick automatically.    

Process: It is manpower saving for its operating rod control, automatic pallet conveyance, automatic leading-out and hydraulic molding.    

supporting beam of BLOCK MAKING MACHINE vibrating motor

(1)It is solid and durable for its four guiding columns and patent lengthening sleeve guide.  
(2)The forced mold synchronous structure gives the products perfect shape and high strength. And the stable demolding process ensures the output of more finished products.      
(3)The QTY4-20A brick making machine frame is welded by special thick steel rectangle welding techniques, thus it is strong, durable and can resist vibration.  We use the steel produced by famous steel manufactures Shougang Group. The service life of main machine is more than 10 years.
(4) There is electric motor and belt in brick conveyor machine, it can convey the pallets when the bricks come out, it prevent collisions between pallets and avoid the break od bricks. It is more automatically and more durable.  
(5)The connecting rod of material feeder use the whole steel casting, which is stronger and more durable


(6)The material feeding system uses broken arch structure, when feeding materials, kick fork swings back and forth quickly to feed materials evenly, and fill the mold with materials in every corner. It can ensure the high rate of
finished procucts ,and the strength of bricks is higher .

(7)Vibration motor use heat-resistant motor which can continue working safely under 130℃ for long time, the extreme temperature is up to 180℃, it’s especially suitable for high temperature region.  

(8)Circulating water colling system. The cooler is customized specially, the water pipe inside are all copper pipe, it have very good cooling effect. So the machine can ensure the temperature of hydraulic oil not very high and the machine can work for a long time. So the machine can produce normally in hot weather in Africa.

Sample of Product:
block samples_副本.jpg

Technical Specification

Production capacity Standard block 240*115*53mm 26pcs/mould
Hollow block 400*200*200mm  4pcs/mould
Paving block 200*100*60mm 16pcs/mould    
Cycle time 18-25s  
Per hour output Standard block   240*115*53mm 5200pcs/hour  
Hollow block   400*200*200mm 800pcs/hour  
Paving block 200*100*60mm 2880pcs/hour
Shift output Standard block 240*115*53mm   41600pcs/8hours 
Hollow block  400*200*200mm 6400pcs/8hours
Paving block 200*100*60mm 23040pcs/8hours  
Vibrating force  68KN   
Power  24.95KW   
Weight   4.5T    
Container required   1*40HQ  
Bamboo pallet size      1020*550*20mm    

Items of Investment:                                                                

Items Quantity    
QTY4-20A block making machine 1
Block conveyor machine 1
Pallet feeder 1
Conveyer belt    1
JDC350 mixer      1
Control system     1
Manual cart 2
Free mould 1


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