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QTY4-15 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

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  • QTY4-15
  • ZCJK
  • Model: QTY4-15 block making machine
  • Trademark: ZCJK
  • Origin: Beijing China
  • Packing: standard seaworthy package
  • Unit: set
  • Min order: one
  • TransTime: 25-30 days after order
  • Transportation: 1
  • Payment: T/T


ZCJK QTY4-15 Hydraulic Block Making Line

                 ZCJK4-15 brick machine (26)

Euipment superiority

A.The electronic system uses PLC program contro and screen display of Siemens,and it can be operated automatically, semi-automatically and manually.It can work automatically round and round.The control system is also equipped with data input and output devices, safety work control devices and failure diagnosis devices and remote monitoring system.
B.The main hydraulic elements and seals are imported from Taiwan and Japan .The hydraulic elements uses proportional valve of high dynamic performance, which can regulate oil and pressure according to different requirements ,thus it can control the working of the key process accurately.
C.The main machine has a long service life .The machine frame is made of castings of high- strength,and it is welded by special welding techniques.Thus it is rigid, durable ,and it can resist vibration.
D.The molding cycle time is very short but with a high efficiency of production.The machine uses table vibration plus pressing to mold and oriented reciprocating material-feeding devices,thus it can mold in a short time with high productivity.Pallet conveyor is slider-crank structure, which turns the crank-truning movement of the circular plate into straight line reciprocating movement of the pallet conveyor, thus the pallet suffers little impact in the start or stopping point.
E.The machine produces blocks and bricks of stable and high quality with low rate of waste products.The machine employs electronic,hydraulic and mechanic integrated technology,and each program can lock each other, thus the whole process is connected smoothly.
F.The machine is multi-functional.It can produce various types of porous blocks ,standard bricks,hollow blocks,paving blocks, curb stones ,grass land bricks and so on by changing moulds.
G.The whole part uses cast steel, durable and with beautiful appearance .
H.The upper and lower slider are made of thick plaes,The column sleeve and the slider is connected by screw,which makes it convenient to change the cooper bush.
I.Crank-link mechanism is employed .It transmits the circular motion of the crank into the stright reciprocating motion of the mobile frame, thus ensures the pallets moving smoothly and transmitting products stably.


Product Description


QTY4-15 is one of our company hot-selling automatic hydraulic block making machine. 

It can be used to make various types of porous blocks,standard bricks, hollow bricks, paving blocks,curb stones, grass land bricks and so on by changing mould.

Equipped with Siemens PLC program control and screen display, it can operated easily.

Using internatial famous hydraulic syetem which can make the whole system more stable and durable and easy for maintenance.



ZCJK4-15 brick machine (24)

Technical specifications
Production capacity
Hollow brick
Standard brick
Paving brick
Cycle time
Shift output
Hollow brick
Standard brick
Paving brick
Container required 
Vibrating force
Bamboo pallet size
QTY4-15 block making machine   
Automatic brick conveyer machine 
Automatic pallet feeder
Hydraulic unit

Control system (German Siemens)  


Conveyer belt   

JS500 mixer 
Free mould


Product and Project Samples




1.4-15 产品详情1

Company Information





Why Choose ZCJK


Zhongcai Jianke Group takes the responsibility of creating energy-saving, environment-friendly and green products,and promotes the harmony between human being and nature.Based on the the demestic market, the sales of building material machines increases continuously and steadily. Facing to the word, our machines have been exported more than 100 countries and regions. Our Group has become a navigator in the field of demestic machine research and development, production and marketing.

Our Advantages: 

1. ZCJK has Two factories in China, one is in Beijing, another is in Wuhan, it makes lead time for clients shorter.

2. ZCJK already has 16 years experiences in production, and exported to 103 countries yet, especially in Asia, Africa and South America.

3. ZCJK also has after-sales services team in Mozambique, India and Brazil, who can help guiding, installation, training, spare parts supplying and so on.

4. ZCJK has cooperated with many Embassies, such as: Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Malawi.



Two Factories In China

ZCJK In Wuhan: 3RD,Changxing Road, Xiaonan Economic Development Zone,Xiaogan City,Hubei Province

ZCJK In Beijing:  No. 394, Dongyao, Jinzhan Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China



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