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QTY12 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine Line

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  • QTY12
  • ZCJK
  • Origin: Beijing
  • Packing: standard seaworthy package
  • Unit: set
  • Min Order Quantity: one set
  • Delivery time: 30 days after receiving the deposit
  • Transportation: Ocean Transportation
  • Payment: T/T or LC at sight
Fully Automatic Block Production line
1. Silo 
s used to store cement or powder materials.
2. Three-stage batching system
According to the materials ratio, it can measure the various raw materials automatically.
3. Screw conveyor
Deliver the powder materials(like cement and fly ash) into mixer
4. Mixing System
Add water automatically  to mix the materials
5. Brick making machine
Use the mixture of materials to make different bricks
6. Wet brick Conveyor
Deliver the brick and clean the residues.
7. Curing room
Increase the intensity and decrease the growing time of wet brick.
8. Finger car
Deliver the wet bricks to curing room automatically.
9. Elevator
Stack the bricks pallet by pallet for the finger car to deliver.
10. Lowerator
Separate the bricks which have been finished from curing room.
11. Pallet feedback device
Feedback the pallets for using and clean them.
12. Stacker
Catch the bricks on pallets and put them on conveyor.
13. Dry brick conveyor
Deliver the dry bricks for shipping.
14. Center control system
Control all the production process.
15. 3T forklift



Production site from customers
IMG_1991  IMG_1990                       IMG_1995       
IMG20150118162341 IMG20150123140708 IMG20150125152726
the block/brick/paver made by this fully automatic block machine,where they will be used
About ZCJK block machine
ZCJK is a brand, and a trademark.
1.ZCJK with Two factories in China, one is in Beijing, another is in Wuhan, it makes leadinf time shorter, for clients to receive the block machine sooner
2.ZCJK, has been already in the this business for more than 18 years. The block machines from ZCJK exported to over 103 countries, especially in Asia, Africa and South America.
3.ZCJK, with after-sales services team in Mozambique, India and South America, the clients can get the after-sales service in the soonest time.
4.ZCJK, has cooperated with many Foreigh Embassies in China, such as: the embassy of Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Malawi.

Our Service

 1.Design the buliding place for customers   
 2.Provide related drawings. 
 3.Installation locally ,problem-shooting , training and maintenance of equipment.     
 4.Free training for workers in our Beijing or Wuhan factory. 
 5.Provide the JFS technology and trainings. 
 6.Supply accessories and kinds of moulds. 
 7.Provide the achievement for free  
 8.three overseas after-sales departments  : Mozambique, India and Brazil  

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