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QTY12-15 Fully automatic block making machine line

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Technical  Parameters of QTY12-15 Concrete block making machine

1.The machine is welded by using special thick-walled rectangle welding method.The transmission shaft and gears are made of alloy steel which entitles them much stonger and more durable.The skip workin platform is made of manganese steel, which extends its service life.Other parts of the machine are all in accordance with national standard, besides, we also import spare parts from famous international company, such as Siemens from German. 
2.Vibration superiority:Table and Mould vibration work together to achieve products of high density.
3.The upper mould and mould case are dirven by gears and racks, Chains which ensures the upper mould and mould case move accurately.
4.Ther are rubber vibration absorbing shims on both the upper mould and vibration platform,which can reduce energy consumption.
5.Material-feeding box works in the free-vibration oriented mode.In this way ,it reduces the load of mould case and realizes the best feeding of materials.
6.It is easy to modify the vibration force and obtain the best vibration frequency.
7.In the process of sending pallet.The rocker converts its circular motion into liner motion of the connection rod, so pallets will uniformly accelerate and move smoothly.
8.The machine employs the famous internaional PLC  control of Siemens,besides, other electronic elements are also imported from world -famous manufactuesr.It can work automatically, semi-automatically and manually according to your preference.

Block Hollow block Solid brick Porous brick Pavement brick
Picture hollow solid porous pavement pavement2
Size 390x190x190 240x115x53 240x115x90 200x100x60/80 250x250x60
Moulding blocks 12 pcs/mould 63 pcs/mould 30 pcs/mould 44 pcs/mould 12 pcs/mould
Moulding cycle 15-20s 20-30s
Per hour production 2160 pcs/1h 11340 pcs/1h 5400 pcs/1h 7920 pcs/1h 2160 pcs/1h
Shift production 217280-23040 pcs/8h 93600-124800 pcs/8h 43200-57600 pcs/8h 60000-84000 pcs/8h 17280 pcs/8h
Vibration frequency 50-60 Hz
Block height 50-200 mm
Power 48 KW
Machine weight 15200 kg
Cycle time 15-20 s
Rated pressure 35 Mpa
Vibrating force 150 KN
Pallet specification 1350x880x30 mm
Vibration frequency 3800-4500 times/sub
Overall dimension 11500x4550x2800 mm
Moulding way Vibration extrusion forming


**Note: The above parameters are reference only. Modifications or upgrades are available. 
Please contact us directly for more information.


Designed with a vibrating and molding platform, the QTY12-15 concrete block making machine features a light weight and a high vibrating efficiency. This is automatic block forming equipment 
can produce 19,200 blocks in a single 8 hour work day. As the moulds are changeable, the concrete block making machine is a multi-function block machine that can produce a variety of blocks and bricks in different shapes and sizes, including hollow blocks, solid bricks, porous bricks, 
pavement bricks and more.ZCJK, as a block making equipment manufacturer, develops and supplies block making machinery 
including hollow block machines, solid brick machines, and porous brick machines for over 15 years. These machines have been exported all over the world to over 93 countries. Have a verygood cooperation with different countries' Embassy.

Correct operation and proper maintenance allows the machine to work at its best and keep your production moving smoothly. To assist with this, it is recommended that operators carry out a 
complete check of the concrete block machine each day before starting production. Check that the tamper head screws are secure, ensure the flange connections at the two size ends of the vibrator transmission shafts are loose, and if there are unwanted impurities in the feeding carriage, and 
finally, whether the rake teeth are broken or if the racking device can rotate.


HOSTHydraulic system 2
Raw materials feeder system         Cooling system     

Hydraulic systemMaterials discharging hopper
       Hydraulic system          Materials discharging hopper


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