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JW500 Concrete Mixer


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JW500 Mixer (2)
: It is a kind of single shaft concrete mixer which is applicable to the mixing of granule materials, such as mortar, fodder, chemical materials and so on.

JW500 concrete mixer has the following advantages and features:

1. High mixing efficiency: JW500 mixer is equipped with a powerful transmission system and high-quality mixing device, which can efficiently mix various concrete materials. It can mix cement, aggregate and other additives quickly and evenly to ensure the consistency and quality of concrete.

2. Flexible and convenient: The JW500 concrete mixer has a compact structure and a relatively small size, making it easy to move and set up at different construction sites. It can be adapted to construction projects of various sizes and types to meet the diverse needs of users.

3. Simple and convenient operation: The mixer adopts an automated control system and is simple and convenient to operate. The mixing process can be easily started by setting the desired mixing time and speed via buttons and controls on the control panel. This simplifies the operation process and improves work efficiency.

4. Durability and reliability: The JW500 concrete mixer is built with high-strength steel and has good structural strength and durability. It is carefully designed and optimized to operate stably in harsh working environments, reducing the possibility of maintenance and failure.

Overall, the JW500 concrete mixer is a reliable, efficient piece of equipment suitable for a variety of concrete construction projects. It provides stable mixing performance, ensures the quality and uniformity of concrete, and provides reliable support for construction operations.

 Technical specifications

Style No JW500
Charging capacity 500L
Discharging capacity 320L
Productivity 1.6m³/h
Speed of the mixer vane 32
Total power 3kw
Dimensions 1600*1600×1400mm
Gross weight 350kg


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