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Elevator and lowerator
The lifting motor of the stacker employs the motor with cone-form motors , the lifting chain using 16A chains which can bear weight up to 6T. The machine plate is welded by using special thick-walled rectangle welding method, which makes  the machine plate more stable.
lateral view
Crank-link mechanism is employed . It transmits the circular motion of the crank into the straight reciprocating motion of the mobile fame,this ensures the pallets moving smoothly and transmitting products stably
steel casting frame
The machine frame is welded by using special thick-walled rectangle welding method.  The transmission shaft and gears and made of alloy steel which makes them much stronger and more durable.
Suspended Charging Skip Obit
Raw material feeder adjusting mechanism
Turn the screw to adjust the working plate height. Convenient ,accurate positioning and reliable
Swim Beam on Pallet feeder
The upper and lower slider are made of thick plates. The column sleeve and the slider is connected by screw, which makes it is convenient to change the copper bushing.
Three cylinders on the upper mould
There are tree cylinders on the upper mold . The middle one assures the lifting speeding and the other two on both sides ensures the pressure of the upper mould.
Synchronous Demoulding System
The synchronous demoulding system which is driven by gears and chains makes the  two demoulding cylinder work synchronous and the moulds move  stably
Moving frame of stacker
As for the movement parts of the stacker, we use the swing link. This transmits the circular motion of the swing stem into the  straight reciprocating motion of the mobile frame. The pallets will uniformly accelerate and move smoothly, which makes it much easier to operate.
PLC control system
PLC and the touching screen are products  from Siemens, Germany. One electronic control cabinet control both the block making machine and the stacker, which makes it easier so operate and perform failure diagnosis.
The Control System
The PLC and Touch screen are German Siemens products, with friendly operating panel, and advanced automatic failure diagnosis system.
Synchronous Demoulding System
The Synchronous demoulding System which is driven by gears and chains makes the two demoulding cylinder work synchronously and makes the moulds moves stably.
Hydraulic System
The hydraulic units uses Youshun, Taiwan, which ensures the good performance of the machine.
Lengthenin Suspended- Arch-Break Motor-of-t

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