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Roof Tile And Artificial Stone Making Machine

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ZCW-120 Roof Tile And Artificial Stone Making Machine

ZCW-120 mould pressing concrete tile molding machine series and their production lines introduce the most advanced technology in china. Using plastic concrete in special dies and filtering unnecessary water with high pressure, the machine can produce tile adobes which become concrete tiles after maintenance and painting. The finished concrete tiles made by roll molding, such as coarse surface, low strength and monotonous tile shape etc. In addition, the retainer plates used in mould-pressing molding machine can be made from cold rolled sheet because they are not pressed together with concrete. This can reduce the cost and increase the kinds, thus saving the investment for customers.

1.High molding speed and large capacity, high rate of finished products, reliable performance and best performance/price ratio. The main machine is equipped with PLC computer control imported from Japanese Mitsubishi and HMI system. All process from feeding to finished products are automatic and designed in modules.
2.The hydraulic system of the main machine is all imported from Taiwan with stable performance and low consumption. It is one of the beat in the same category.
3.Multiple-purpose: Through changing moulds, it can produce various tiles besides high-grade color floor tiles such as terrazzo tiles, artificial stones etc.
4.The concrete tile made using sand and concrete and through mould-pressing molding is characterized by perfect structure, complete kinds, high strength and accurate size. It is among the best concrete products.

Product features
1.Various colors and suitable decoration;
2.High strength, lightweight, low consumption, large single-piece area and high coverage.
3.Good insulation.
4.Anti-acid rain, weathering-resistant, good weather ability and over 80 years service life expectancy.
5.Waterproofing and anti-permeation
6.Various kinds
7.Widely used: products can be used in various buildings, practical and decorative.

Technology data
       Product dimension  424*337mm                                                      
       Molding speed  8-10pcs/minute
       Output per shift  4000pcs/day
       Power of main machine  7.5KW
       Molding type  Pressing and filtering
       Molding pressure  120T
       Dimension of main machine     3100*1600*2600mm
       weight  6.5T
       person  6

Items of investment
       Items  Quantity
       ZCW-120 main machine        1                                                        
       Free mould        1
       Main mixer        1
       Wheel rolling mixer        1
       Steel pallet    1000
       Special-shaped mould        7
       Air compressor        1

Our service

1.Design the buliding place for customers  
2.Provide related drawings.
3.Installation locally ,problem-shooting , training and maintenance of equipment. 
4.Free training for workers in our Beijing or Wuhan factory.
5.Provide the JFS technology and trainings.    
6.Supply accessories and kinds of moulds. 
7.Provide the achievement for free
8.three overseas after-sales departments  : Mozambique, India and Brazil 

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