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QTY4-25 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

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  • QTY4-25 Hydraulic Block Making Machine
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QTY4-25 Hydraulic Block Making Machine

Products advantage

This QTY-4-25 block making machine applies advanced electronic control technology and reliable hydraulic system. It is an integration of machinery, electricity  and the hydraulic pressure.Equipped with automatic control system, it is easy to operate and can work reliably and smoothly.This machine is with high vibrating frequency and strong vibrating force to insure that the strength of the finished block is strong enough to meet the international standard and the industry standard.
QTY4-25 block machine              


I. The QTY4-25 hydraulic block making machine is a small sized automatic machine, it is quite easy to operate.
II. In the front of the QTY4-25 block making machine, there is shaft connecting the rods of demoulding cylinders, so that the machine will run steadily and sychronously.
III. Four guidepost are equipped on the QTY4-25 block making machine to make the upper mould and lower mould run steadily and smoothly.
IVThe QTY4-25 block making machine is a multi-functional machine, It  can make curbstones, solid blocks/bricks, hollow blocks/bricks, paving blocks/bricks, interlocking blocks/bricks just by changing moulds.

  block shape


Cycle time  20-25s
Power 26.4KW 
Pallet size 880*500*35mm
Weight 3.5T
Vibrating force 60KN
Production capacity Standard block 240*115*53mm  24960pcs/8hours
Hollow block 400*200*200mm 3840pcs/8hours
Paving block 200*100*160mm 13440pcs/8hours

Items of investment 

QTY4-25 Block making machine  1
Block conveyor machine  1
Pallet feeder  1
Hydraulic unit  1
Contorl system 1
Belt conveyor 1
JW500 concrete Mixer 1
Free mould 1

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