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QTY10-15 Fully Automatic Block Making Machine

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  • QTY10-15
  • ZCJK
  • Origin: Beijing
  • Packing: standard seaworthy package
  • Unit: set
  • Min Order Quantity: one set
  • Delivery time: 30 days after receiving the deposit
  • Transportation: Ocean Transportation
  • Payment: T/T or LC at sight
QTY10-15 Hydraulic Fully Automatic Block Making Machine

The frame layout

1.The main frame adopts special welding Process manufacturing good rigidity, high strength, strong stability.Press head and mould case uses Four rod guide pin location, Jig lock, Motion stability, Good compatibility, Easy to change.

2.Steel welding material uses selected steel of high quality, 8 mm Wall thickness,and adopts the special technical process of increasing self-weight, damping and noise reduction.



Material feeder system:

1.The Skip car with double extra crank arm design, flexible propulsion, mandatory synchronization, it  will not make any rigid impact on overall frame, protect the frame to the largest degree,and Improve the service life of the equipment.

2.Special material distributing system, uses arch breaker method to feed the materials,360 degrees Arch breaker rotate plays a secondary role, the Skip spindle asynchronous interaction, materials feeding rapidly and uniformly. If using the raw material slag or fly ash lightweight aggregate, the effect is more obvious.

3.Due to use the crank arm lever driving principle, the materials feeding speed is greatly increased. The materials feeding speed is a third of that of  horizontal pushing speed.
4.By its own set of track skip to locate and restrictions, to effectively control the skip in the parallel direction and bouncing range in the process of feeding materials, which ensures the materials feeding uniformly and stably and reduces the leakage of materials.



Material distributing car:

1.The skip car runs back and forth by using 2 cylinder leverage structure control.The excellent stiffness and synchronization can insure the conformity of the height and weight of the brick.

2.Multi-row grilled feed rod interlocks to insure the good feeding performance.

3.Continuous rotary force feeding can work as secondary broken arch thus increasing the feeding speed and the combination reaction speed of the raw materials.

4.The harrow teeth of the feeder machine is modular.When worn,it’s easy to replace and maintain.

5.The feeder machine gate opens according to the volume of materials. And it can close in advance or in delay.

6.By using central control system, computer can control the feeding of the hydraulic cylinder , controlthe whole production line



Hydraulic unit:

1.The quality of hydraulic unit is well guaranteed by using Taiwan Youshun brand.

2.By using the double blades and proportional valve to work coordinately, the main oil pump works with low noise and faster time of cycle. The two hydraulic 3.oiltanks equipped in this system has three stage filtering system, ensuring the high-efficient operation of hydraulic cylinders.

4.The amplitude and frequency of vibration is adjustable. The fast speed and stability of the hydraulic working unit can be fully assured by adjusting the pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic oil through touch screen during vibrating, pressing, demolding and pallet feeding.

5.The hydraulic check valve equipped in the pressing head controlling unit can lock the movement of the pressing head cylinder, ensuring the reliability and safety of the pressing head movement.

6.Stop the pressing head from down sliding during demolding, maintaining ensuring the safety and stability of th pressing head.

7.By precise grinding and chrome plating, the roughness of the piston rod is less than 0.4um; By using imported cylinder seal ring, the oil leakage can be effectively avoided.



Hydraulic synchronization:

1.As for the control of the pressure head, using a proprietary technology, while vibration molding, the pressure head can be in a floating state when it press to the surface of the block , and can be locked in any position in the non-working state. The combination of pressure and vibration, ensure the high density and excellent performance of the finished concrete blocks.

2.The pressure head synchronous device uses synchronous shaft and the gear box apparatus, it is very easy to disassemble and the key parts of the synchronous system will avoid being stuck by the impurities and other things in order to ensure the service life of the synchronizing device.

3.Upper pressure head is equipped with shock absorption device. And the pressure head is also equipped with a transition box, which have the effect of cushion and eliminating shock . Thereby reducing the damage on the oil tank, increase cylinder life.

4.The mode frame synchronization device, which always keep the mold frame parallel to the horizontal plane, ensure high consistence of the height of the finished bricks.



Technical Specifications:

Production Capacity

Items Size(mm) Pcs/mould Cycle time(S) Pcs/H Pcs/8H
Standard Brick 240*115*53 52 15 12480 99840
Hollow Brick 400*200*200 10 2400 19200
Porous Brick 240*115*90 28 6720 53760
Paving Brick 200*100*60 36 8640 69120
Technical Specifications
Main power  48.4KW                
Weight 15T
Container required 3*40HQ
Vibrating Forcing 100KN
Pallet size 1100*950*25mm
Items included
Item Quantity
QTY10-15 Block Machine 1
PLC Computer control system 1
Automatic pallet feeder 1
Hydraulic unit 1
Automatic Materials feeding device 1
Automatic brick conveyor machine 1
Free mould 1
Belt conveyor 1
JS750 twin-shaft mixer 1
Elevator/Lowerator 1
Three-stage batching system(electronic calculation) 1

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