QTJ4-40 Block Making Machine
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QTJ4-40 Block Making Machine

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 QTJ4-40 Block Making Machine
    small block machine
 This small-sized block machine is to meet the demand of many investors.
 This machine is of sample and compact structure, convenient operation
 and easy maintenance. It requires little manpower and investment, but makes
 high output and quick economic returns.

 It is especially suitable to produce standard bricks, the strength of which is  higher than that of clay bricks. Various types of blocks can be produced with 

 different molds.Therefore, it is an ideal choice for enterprise with small  investment.

 General power: 9.6KW
 Average power consumption: 5KW/h
 Average water consumption: 1.5T/day
 Environmental protection: It conforms to the environmental protection standard with no waste water, slag and waste gas in the production process.
 Technology specification
Product capacity

Standard brick  240*115*53mm   24pcs/mould 

Porous brick     240*115*90mm   9pcs/mould

Hollow brick     400*200*200mm  4pcs/mould     

shift out

Standard brick  240*115*53mm   10000pcs/8h

Porous brick     240*115*90mm    3240pcs/8h

Hollow brick     400*200*200mm  1920pcs/8h

Cycle time 40s
Power 9.6KW
weight 1.5T
Pallet size 850*540*40mm
Dimension 1200*2200*2200mm
Items of investment
Items Quantity
QTJ4-40II block making machine 1
Free mould1
Spare parts 1

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